We know you want to provide your clients with the very best direction when customizing a plan for their future. One way to do this is to expand your menu of services to include business valuation, value enhancement, exit planning, and mergers and acquisitions advisory.

An alliance with Generational Equity provides you with all those services and so much more.

Through our Professional Alliance Program, you will work with Generational Equity’s team of award winning professionals in delivering a comprehensive exit plan your clients deserve. You will have the opportunity to expand the value of your business, deepen existing relationships, boost client retention and grow your base through referrals and networking.

Working together, achieving more.


Professional alliance program benefits

Brand association

There are significant benefits with aligning with a leader in the M&A industry. Generational Equity has generated over $5 Billion in wealth transferred to our clients and has been recognized as Investment Banking Firm of the Year and Valuation Firm of the Year. Generational Equity helps more business owners with business valuation and selling their business than any other firm in North America in the middle market.

Distinguish yourself from your peers

Offer more solutions and services for your clients while still focusing on your core strengths. Your expertise is why they stay with you.

Improve your clients’ experience

Clients today, particularly business owners, expect a high level of service and commitment. With the Professional Alliance Program, you can address your clients’ specific goals and needs, and provide a higher quality client experience resulting in a greater appreciation for the relationship.

Increase client retention

Strengthen long-term loyalty by adding value to your existing relationships. Often times clients seek these services and by not offering them you risk losing their business.

Grow revenue with new client incentives

New client introductions and referrals earn fixed payments at key intervals within the life cycle of the client.

Professional Alliance Referral Network

This National Referral Network creates potential leads for its members. Upon approval, your firm will have the opportunity to join this growing network.

Be a part of creating a lasting legacy for your clients. Your clients have spent 20 years or more building their business and there is a lot riding on a successful exit strategy that maximizes the once in a lifetime monetization event when their company is sold. You will receive immense gratification as your client goes through the Generational Equity process and ultimately reaches the destination they’ve worked so hard to reach.

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Program options

There are a number of ways to participate in the Professional Alliance Program.

  • Center of Influence
  • Professional Alliance
  • Corporate Alliance
Center of
Professional Alliance Corporate
For professional firms interested in building a long-term strategic relationship
Program agreement with Generational Equity
Earn payments, based on agreement, for all referrals that become clients
Generational Equity covers the cost of services, administration, and program management
Complimentary M&A industry updates, white papers, and industry specific intel
Dedicated Generational Equity account representative support

Partner with generational

The Generational Group (comprised of Generational Equity, Generational Capital Markets and DealForce), headquartered in Dallas, Texas with over 250 professionals located throughout the U.S. and Canada, is one of the leading middle-market M&A firms in North America. Generational Equity helps business owners release the wealth of their businesses by providing merger, acquisition and strategic growth advisory services. Our four-step approach features exit planning education, business valuation, value enhancement strategies, and M&A transactional services.

Generational Equity’s team of experienced M&A professionals are skilled in helping business owners anticipate challenges and prepare them for every stage of a transaction in order to help them obtain maximum value for their businesses. Our process is undergirded with a philosophy that puts our clients’ needs at the heart of everything we do. We serve them by helping them both define and discover the life they want for themselves and their loved ones.

This is the Generational way.

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