Randy Kamin has over 30 years experience in the M&A industry.  Mr. Kamin has held several senior executive positions throughout his career and is currently Generational Group’s Executive Managing Director and Group Leader. He oversees a large group of Senior Managing Directors responsible for new client origination, one of Generational Group’s most important and robust divisions. He is a consummate professional, and his leadership and contributions have played a significant role in Generational Group’s growth.

Mr. Kamin has deep industry experience across all major industry verticals and has a tremendous amount of experience with international transactions, primarily in Canada. He and the group he leads have been involved in generating new clients that have resulted in over $9 billion in transaction value. Mr. Kamin is a leader who leads by example, most notably with his extraordinary work ethic and his personal commitment to achieving results for clients, his team, and the company. He has the unique ability to assist business owners within most all industry verticals, and the experience to evaluate and advise on the best growth or exit strategy options for clients. He has vast experience in both U.S. and Canadian markets and understands at a high-level cross border complexities and opportunities. Mr. Kamin has extensive knowledge of the M&A process and combined with his in-depth understanding of the constantly changing global capital markets environment enable him to offer insightful analysis to business owners considering an exit, acquisition, restructuring or growth equity strategy. He has expertly advised and guided hundreds of business owners in the decision-making process of determining the appropriate growth and exit strategy for their business.

Mr. Kamin’s 30+ year impact in the M&A industry has undoubtedly created a substantial and positive waterfall effect for clients that is rivaled by very few. His dedication and commitment to client success has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of business owners and their families. Throughout his career, Mr. Kamin’s passion for excellence and relentless effort to reach goals and objectives set him apart from his peers.