As a Managing Director for Generational Equity, Mr. Hammer works with business owners to educate them about the proper processes necessary to exit their businesses for the most profit.

Mr. Hammer has over 35 years of experience in owning and operating successful businesses and has extensive first-hand experience with the dynamics of production, financial administration, sales and marketing. Mr. Hammer has conducted business in the Far East, Eastern Europe and South America and has established a network of associates throughout the United States and Canada. His experience in both the larger corporate and smaller entrepreneurial arenas gives Mr. Hammer a clear understanding of business values and the ability to present them effectively. With a well-developed sense of professional selling and strong negotiating skills, his 20 plus years in M&A have helped many clients secure win-win solutions in the sale and purchase of businesses.

Mr. Hammer earned his B.S. in Mathematics and Psychology from McGill University in Canada.