Michael Querard has over twenty-five years’ experience in the mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) industry, working with diverse businesses across a wide range of industries.  Mr. Querard has worked on both the buy- and sell-side; with both smaller private companies and Fortune 500 public companies; with both domestic and foreign companies (he lived and worked in Europe for three years); and with both strategic and financial buyers. 

For the last fifteen years, Mr. Querard has focused exclusively on the middle market, helping business owners and investors maximize the value of their investments.  Mr. Querard frequently advises buyers looking to make middle market acquisitions, some strategic and some synergistic.  Drawing on his extensive experience working with buyers, Mr. Querard offers insightful direction to business owners looking for an exit strategy, growth capital or a structured way to maximize their value.  Being a business owner himself, he understands the on-going challenges of business ownership and how they must be balanced to properly exit a business. 

A highly sought-after industry expert and speaker, Mr. Querard’s acumen has helped 1000s of business owners throughout North America understand the M&A process, explore available options, and successfully prepare for a business transition.  Experience shows that choosing when to exit a business is the most important financial decision a business owner will ever make, so Mr. Querard makes it a priority to assist business owners in determining the optimal time to exit their business.

Mr. Querard has held several board positions, helping companies develop and implement strategic growth and exit plans.  He received his undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Colorado School of Mines, his J.D. from Georgetown University, and is a FINRA-licensed investment advisor.