Michael serves as Sr. Managing Director & Group Leader, primarily in the Central US region. In that capacity, he manages a team of Dealmakers, including Managing Directors, Sr. Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, and M&A Analysts that specialize in middle market sized deals.

As Sr. Managing Director & Group Leader, Michael Goss works directly with private middle-market business owners in developing and executing exit strategies. He also serves on Generational Equity’s M&A Executive Committee.

Michael brings over fifteen years of M&A advisory and deal negotiation experience, financial valuation, forecasting, auditing, and analysis, as well as market research experience to his current position with Generational Equity. Prior to serving in his current position, Michael was the Regional Managing Director of the Central US Region leading and supporting M&A advisory and negotiation services along with financial valuations and marketing duties, and prior to that he served as the Sr. Vice President of the Northeast and East North Central US Regions. He started his career at Generational Equity leading a team of evaluation associates as Valuation Manager.

Michael was a Winner of The M&A Advisor 5th Annual 40 Under 40 Achievement Award in 2014.

Michael Goss holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in finance from California State University, Fresno. He also holds a Master of Business Administration with a dual concentration in accounting and finance from the University of Texas.