DeWayne A. Nelon is a dynamic and transformational exit and growth strategist who partners with company leadership to deliver sustainable and measurable outcomes that exceed client expectations. With an entrepreneurial orientation and unrelenting focus, Mr. Nelon unlocks opportunities, drives commercial success and propels enterprise value for companies across diverse industry sectors. 

Mr. Nelon operated the Nelon Group where he helped clients solve problems in corporate development, capitalization, business development, and general strategy.  His deep understanding of varied business models has been especially beneficial to his clients by improving their original positioning thereby enhancing enterprise value for potential buyers and investors.  This has allowed him to help raise over $250M in investment capital and advise on hundreds of M&A transactions across a wide variety of sectors.  

Prior to operating as a CEO, Mr. Nelon was the North America President for a major global provider of IT and wireless telecommunications systems headquartered in the UK, with more than 30,000 employees across 36 countries. In addition, Mr. Nelon served as one of the first executives for a major telecommunications startup where he was responsible for their multiple markets and assisted the IPO and buy-side deal teams which completed over $3B in transactions.

Prior to joining the Generational Group team, Mr. Nelon was Managing Director for a sell-side Investment Bank where he led engagements for many clients, leading to highly successful transactions. He has been sought out time and again for his ability to articulate direction and engage all levels around the vision, mission, and strategy to achieve profitable outcomes, building trust not only from internal stakeholders, but customers, strategic partners and buyers.

Mr. Nelon holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas.