Mr. Robinson is a Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor and serves as the Senior Managing Director for Generational Equity where he assists business owners in the development of plans for the future sale of, and business exit strategies for, their companies.  He is responsible for the review, analysis, and recommendation regarding companies selected to enter the merger and acquisition process with Generational Equity.  

Prior to joining Generational Equity, Mr. Robinson served as the Senior Vice President of a Dallas based private equity firm that specialized in the acquisition of financially distressed middle market companies for significant discount-to-replacement costs. The firm’s objective was to reposition and sell assets for significant upside potential to well-capitalized buyers within a three to five year investment horizon.  In this position, Mr. Robinson was responsible for the strategic oversight of investor relations and capital raising transactions for the firm’s private equity funds that totaled approximately one hundred and fifty million dollars.  

During Mr. Robinson’s tenure, he was an integral part of roughly seventy million dollars in successful buy-side transactions of middle market companies as investment opportunities. Throughout the history of the firm, the principals and affiliates acquired and sold more than three hundred million dollars in assets.  In addition, Mr. Robinson was also a corporate speaker where he engaged privately held investment companies and investors in understanding successful market transitions and maximizing value with exit strategies.  

Mr. Robinson received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business as well as his Masters in Finance from Dallas Baptist University.