Dr. David Pickard is a Senior Managing Director for the Private Client Group. David establishes the initial relationship with business owners who are interested in accelerated growth consulting, exit planning, M&A, and wealth management.

Prior to joining the Generational Group in 2016, David worked with Black & Decker for over 10 years. David played a key role in marketing, and senior sales roles including managing several strategic business units for the $1 Billion+ US Walmart and Sam’s Club business. David also held special project leader roles in campus recruiting and organizational planning for key acquisitions including Porter-Cable / Delta ($600M) and Vector Industries ($150M).

In addition to his corporate experience, David has owned two small businesses. One, a marketing consulting company and two, a general contracting company specializing in installing garage cabinets and epoxy floors.

David earned his Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree in Marketing from the Muma College of Business at the University of South Florida. David also has a Master of Business Administration (USF), and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management (SAGU). In his spare time, David enjoys teaching MBA courses online at the Collat School of Business at the University of Alabama-Birmingham.