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Eastern U.S.

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Julie Sandoval

(678) 646-6704


The Company is a licensed general contractor in the Southeast specializing in the renovation of multi-family homes and commercial properties. The service offering includes major rehabilitation/repositioning services, exterior painting services, subcontracting services for new construction projects, carpentry reconstruction services, interior renovation services, window/door replacement services, guttering solutions, stucco reconditioning services, asphalt services, concrete services, steel reconstruction services, amenity upgrade services, and a range of services to the commercial property management sector. For FYE 2018, revenue came from the following projects: Roofing Carpentry, Paint Carpentry, Window Replacement Carpentry, Siding, Painting, Other. The two primary customer markets served are multi-family properties and commercial properties. The Company depends heavily on repeat business; management estimates that a considerable portion of annual revenue is from previous clients. The Company also uses an internal sales team, trade shows, and referrals to generate new business. The Company has a national reach with four offices in the Southeast. Services are performed and diversified across the US. The employee base consists of approximately 39 skilled personnel. Operations are housed from a Company-owned office and warehouse space. Additionally, the Company has regional/satellite offices in multiple states located at the homes of the project managers.

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