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USACI and XenWinGo Acquired By Terralogic Solutions



Dec 2019



We are pleased to announce the sale of our clients, USACI and XenWinGo, LLC, to Terralogic Solutions, Inc. The acquisition closed December 12, 2019 and details were not disclosed.

USACI and XenWinGo, both located in Carrollton, TX, are two related IT companies that are transforming from a traditional equipment reseller to a hybrid MSP model.

More specifically, USACI is an authorized dealer of many top hardware and software companies that include Citrix, Tegile, Fortinet, IBM Filenet, VMware and others. XenWinGo models as an MSP company that helps with IT functions of SMB companies.

Located in San Jose, CA, Terralogic Solutions provides technology services for the connected world that includes digital transformation, software services, and enterprise support and solutions. Operations are both domestic and international.

Generational Equity Executive Managing Director of M&A – Central Region, Michael Goss and his team, led by Senior Vice President Mergers & Acquisitions Luan Ly, successfully closed the deal. Senior Managing Director Terry Stidham established the initial relationship with USACI and XenWinGo.

Mr. Ly stated, “Terralogic continues to expand by acquisitions and have fine-tuned their international operations that will allow the cost savings to be quickly realized by USACI/XenWinGo.”

“Beyond cost savings, there are a large amount of cross-selling capabilities amongst the long-standing client list from both sides given each other’s unique services, creating an equally rewarding transaction.”

For more information on clients we have supported with their exit plans in this industry, visit our dedicated Business Services page.

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