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WZWatch Pro acquired by Generation 3 Capital

EZWatch Pro


Nov 2010



Generational Equity, a leading advisor to privately held and family-owned businesses for mergers, acquisitions, strategic growth initiatives, business valuation and exit planning, is pleased to announce the majority interest acquisition of its client, EZWatch Pro to Generation3 Capital LLC. The transaction closed on November 12, 2010.

Managing Directors, Stephen Crisham and Lori Galloway, led Generational Equity's deal team in marketing and negotiating the transaction. "This transaction combined the buyer's resources of capital and related industry experience coupled with the optimized target company, creating the environment which will take the company to the next level," said Stephen Crisham. "When the Generational Equity deal team starts to look for prospective buyers they really do their research. The goal is to find an optimal buyer. In this case, the buyer was not a direct competitor and knew the intricacies of the industry," said Generational Equity President Ryan Binkley.

EZWatch Pro sells state-of-the-art security and surveillance technology – wired and wireless cameras, digital recorders, sensors and more to facility managers across the world from its Website and with the support of its helpdesk. The company's majority interest was acquired by Generation3 which specializes in recapitalizations, buyouts and strategic partnerships in the security, automatic identification and data capture (AIDC), life safety, custom electronics and sensing/control industries. Generation3 will partner the strong management team in place at EZWatch Pro with well-known executives in the Security Industry to help grow the business.

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