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Antares Audio Technologies acquired by Broadstream Capital Partners

Antares Audio Tombstone


Oct 2016



Los Angeles-based Broadstream Capital Partners recently acquired Auburn Audio Technologies, dba Antares Audio Technologies, a Generational Equity client.

Antares Audio Technologies provides the proprietary audio processor Auto-Tune. Auto-Tune is used by recording studios, professional artists, and non-professional musicians to measure and alter pitch in vocal and instrumental music.

The deal closed on October 18, 2016.

Broadstream Capital Partners, founded in 2001, is a merchant bank that provides advisory services and makes investments in companies in the lower middle market.

Corbel Capital Partners provided financing for the deal.

“Our client has developed an industry-leading product with tremendous brand awareness, and Broadstream Capital Partners and Corbel Capital Partners are well positioned to take the company to next level,” said Generational Equity’s Mike Meredith, who led the deal to a successful close.

Read more on the acquisition here.

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