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Veterinary Ventures acquired by Radio Systems Corporation



Jun 2010


New York

Generational Equity, a leading advisor to privately held and family-owned businesses for mergers, acquisitions, strategic growth initiatives, business valuation and exit planning announced the acquisition of its client, Veterinary Ventures, Inc. headquartered in Reno, NV to Radio Systems Corp., the Knoxville, TN-based manufacturer of PetSafe brand pet products. Veterinary Ventures Inc. was founded in early 1996.

The business was sold to Northstar Investors in 2002. Vet Ventures Inc.’s top customers in 2009 were PetSmart, PETCO, and Drs. Foster & Smith. The success of the products and impressive growth of sales through the years led to the redesign of the Drinkwell® Pet Fountain, which resulted in the addition of several new features, including increased water capacity, an adjustable flow rate and optional reservoirs which increase the water capacity and automatically keeps the Drinkwell® Pet Fountain filled for several days.

The Drinkwell® Pet Fountain is available through various mail order venues and a growing number of pet stores throughout the nation. Radio Systems Corporation is the maker of the PetSafe®, Invisible Fence®, Innotek®, SportDOG®, Staywell®, and most recently the Premier® and Unleashed Technology® brands. The brand portfolio makes RSC an industry leader in the management of pet behavior, pet training solutions, containment systems, safety and lifestyle product solutions. Managing Director, Stephen Crisham and Assistant Vice President, Lori Galloway, led Generational Equity’s deal team in marketing and negotiating the transaction. According to Mr. Crisham “This was a highly synergistic acquisition providing benefits in Marketing, Manufacturing, Operations, and Administration. both parties on the sales, operational and administrative levels,” said Mr. Crisham

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