Robert Brenner works directly with business owners who are exploring the sale of their businesses. He is responsible for the review, initial analysis, selection, and recommendation of those companies which will be accepted to enter the M&A process with Generational Equity.

Mr. Brenner brings to Generational Equity a comprehensive background of over 15 years of working with business owners to develop and harvest their businesses. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Brenner started, operated, and sold two companies; a construction company that was sold to a regional competitor and a commodities firm which was sold to a publicly traded company. His experiences on both sides of the table have provided him with the unique ability to understand the complexities, opportunities and pressures involved with each aspect of the transaction. He has the insight and knowledge to assist business owners in determining the most appropriate and profitable time to exit their businesses.

In addition, Mr. Brenner has held senior positions with IBM, Merrill Lynch, Dean Whitter, and Citigroup. He has worked closely with many firms to structure limited partnerships, business evaluations, and initial public offerings.


Mr. Brenner studied Economics and Mathematics at MIT and Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts and did advanced studies at San Jose State in California.