Dr. John Binkley – Generational Equity

Dr. John Binkley is the Founder of Generational Equity, laying the foundations and direction for our growth into becoming one of the leading middle market M&A advisory firms in North America. Now in his role as Chairman, Dr. Binkley is still actively involved in the continued development of the Generational Group, supporting our M&A professionals and clients with his unrivaled business acumen.

Dr. Binkley’s extensive career has resulted in encounters with entrepreneurs in all industries. This universal experience has benefitted the service Generational Equity offers to clients across all sectors, and guided its growth to a 250-strong team of diverse, skilled professional advisors and dealmakers.

Alongside his pivotal work at Generational Equity, Dr. John Binkley also actively shares his broad knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs in leadership and business-related seminars held across the globe. He is deeply passionate about supporting the development of the next generation of businesspeople, both inside and outside of Generational Group.

Dr. Binkley earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, and both a Master’s and Doctorate in Theology from the Phoenix University of Theology. He is also a key figure in several faith-based organizations, where he has participated in over 150 mission trips, and the author of the excellent workbook Character is King.

He’s also a frequent blog writer, posting articles on religious practice, M&A activity and more, while you can also connect with him on LinkedIn.