Mr. Thomas Farrell works directly with business owners who are exploring the sale of their businesses. He is responsible for the review, initial analysis, selection, and recommendation of those companies which will be accepted to enter the M&A process with Generational Equity.

His understanding of the Mergers & Acquisitions marketplace, combined with his experience with numerous businesses in a variety of industries, provides Mr. Farrell with a unique perspective. He has the insight and knowledge to assist business owners in determining the most appropriate and profitable time to exit their businesses.

Mr. Farrell brings to Generational Equity a comprehensive background of over 38 years in strategic business development, executive management, and business ownership.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Farrell operated his own company which provided a wide range of services to private companies, including the development of strategic growth plans. He has also participated in M&A transactions involving both private companies and public corporations and has assisted large companies in the acquisition of small, strategic fit businesses.

During an extensive career with Eastman Kodak Company and Smith Barney - Citigroup, Mr. Farrell held several senior executive positions with worldwide responsibility for strategic development and executive education.