Glenn Wenzel works directly with business owners who are exploring the transition of their companies. In addition to the initial review of a business and the objectives of the owner, he is responsible for presenting those companies that potentially will be accepted to enter the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) process with Generational Equity. His understanding of the M&A process and the marketplace, combined with the experience gained from working with numerous diverse companies in a variety of industries, provides Mr. Wenzel with an informed perspective. His insight can assist a business owner in exploring plans for the transition of the business.

Mr. Wenzel’s career spans several decades of entrepreneurial pursuits, including some 18 years in the M&A arena. Prior to joining Generational Equity, Mr. Wenzel has also headed an import/export company that he co-founded and for which he directed South American operations. Previously, he was co-owner of a company that he built over sixteen years, substantially by the acquisition of six competitors, three of which he later sold.

Mr. Wenzel attended Lamar University where he majored in marketing.